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The system urban criculatorio

The road system in cities, has often been compared to the human circulatory system. The arteries, veins and capillaries, equivalent to arterial roads, collector roads and local streets where the blood flows in the case of humans and people circulate in the case of cities.   
Depends on the mode of life that carries the human circulatory system is its healthy and not present major problems. A person with a healthy diet and active lifestyle and has a little sedentary are more likely to have a healthy life. One of the major concerns of the World Health Organization in recent years, is just the current lifestyle of ciudadanosurbanos. Junk food and
sedentarismos causes many cardiovascular diseases and others such as diabetes and obesity.   
Similarly, making an analogy between the human body and the city, we could say that our circulatory system has many complications urban lifestyle we lead. Excess circulating car causes serious congestion, problems with air quality, noise, stress, to name only the most direct and obvious. 
In the case of humans, excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood may result in clogged arteries, known as arteriosclerosis and blood circulation problems. In the case of the city, the excess of vehicles circulating the obstruction of arteries that commonly know as traffic jams, traffic jams or congestion. A good doctor will recommend the patient a healthy diet with little animal fat, and physical activity such as walking at least 30 minutes a day to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels that cause clogging of the arteries. If the case is more severe recommend some medications to help dissolve the amount of fatty material that is complicating the arteries and as a last one could get to perform a coronary artery bypass surgery, which creates a new route, called a shunt ( bypass ), for blood and oxygen reach the heart. However, if the patient does not change your lifestyle, your way of eating is the same and lead a sedentary lifestyle without burning calories, another place you can bypass their collapse is imminent. 
Just as we must act with the city if you have a cure for urban circulatory problems. The circulating blood equivalent to those circulating cholesterol and triglycerides are equivalent to the cars, let's see why. People need to get around the city and conduct their activities that give life to the city in the same way that blood carries nutrients to cells and sustain human life. To
Circular forms must see fewer conflicts that cause the circulatory system. A good mobility plan that prevents excess cars circulating there, amount to a healthy diet that avoids fatty foods do to increase the amount of triglycerides and cholesterol that are clogging the arteries. Changing our eating habits means changing our habits of mobility. Encourage people to use mass transit system and collective encourage walking and bike use and discourage car use are
the equivalent to a healthy diet. And the healthiest diet from every point of view certainly think the city is to be configured so that people can walk for most of our activities.
And for those who think that the problem of increasing congestion is resolved tracks, definitely be convinced that the increase of track just makes it encourages more car use form. They are the equivalent of taking a drug that temporarily relieves the patient's symptoms, but after a while, if not change habits
that make you evil, the problems become harder, and if we increase the dose began to complicate other organs and are further complications. Making new roads could also be compared to perform a coronary bypass surgery, to bypass that for the case of the patient, it should be used as a last resort when no other solution, which will not help if the patient change their habits.   
In the case of our city, there is still time to change your diet and lifestyle. It is for the
authorities to promote a plan to reduce the irrational use of the car and take steps for sustainable mobility and it is up to citizens to start changing our habits of mobility. If we do, we grow more and more ways that the collapse will be imminent.
Or as Peñalosa. Trying to solve the problem of increasing mobility track, is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt.  
Diego Hurtado Vásquez                                                                           
Pedestrian Association Quito
May 22, 2011

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